128v casino . Are they alrite to join ?

128v casino . Are they alrite to join ?

they hav promotion rekemen friend. 

yeah ofcoz.. am so in luv wit their benefit…i just asking my friends to follow up and make deposit as they wish us to complete the term.  

after i get so many friend joining them and there’s bout 5 person to complete the task.(deposit) .. that mean i can claim the bonus.. 1 person i get rm30. 

its ok at 1stime i claimed.. they luv givit to me and wish me gud luck n plis asking more freind to join them.. i can see theres no big deal if i claim the next person.. den onli i get wish from them is gud luck.. i didnt hear bout ask more friend to come n join them.busy that what i tot.. coz i tot they busy… i dont to ganggu their time.. and make decision to claim all who i rekemen wit.. but i dont receive any good news.. they told me am joking with them.. plis claim betul betul .. dont play play here..  

what ? any advice? we alredy take risk join u deposit.. we only need hepi environment to play with.. then u cakap am playing around.. wtb dude.. dont mad at me to mad at u.. coz u make people mad and u dont hav arite to said calm down.. u should calmdown.. just do ur job.. i folow ur term to claim and what u ask me to do to get it.. am done wit that.. u should give me and dont say anything bllshit.. if u dare reply me..until now i dont hav any respon.. am asking them to prove what make they dont want give me that bonus..  just buang la kau punya bonus..

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