Trust77 scammer casino alert!!!!!!!!!!

Trust77 scammer casino alert!!!!!!!!!!
Beware of Casino Trust77, Scammer company alert, offer new year bonus, deposit RM1500 give RM750, after i completed my turnover (x5) and i try to withdraw RM2300+ to my bank account, it directly freeze my fund. After 1 day, it told me i have abnormal bet activities and forfeit all of my money (including deposit)! No even pay single cent! Then I ask what is meant by abnormal bet, they cant even answer! I swear I bet as fking normal and didnt do any “abnormal” bet like what it mention.
To add on, last time i deposit 900 here and bet lost all of my money i did not say anything, but this time win money then cant withdraw? Even block my money and account!! Lose money then ok, win money then cannot! Nice scam and Well played!!

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  1. The company has paid back my initial deposit

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